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The Media is Vicious; Ferrets Aren’t.

  Recent media attention surrounding a Darby Borough, PA infant who was allegedly mauled by ferrets has once again brought out the worst in humankind. Blaming ferrets as being bloodthirsty savages does not do anyone any good, least of all the ferrets. It excuses the parents of the child who were arguably neglecting their children and pets pretty significantly. It
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Smudge says, "Well, are you??"

Lysteria Hysteria, Or: My Pathogen Playground!

As a raw feeder, I am far from unaware of all the pathogens that raw-feeding exposes myself and my animals to. Are you as aware of these pathogens, and aware that many of them can still be transmitted to you and your family when you feed your ferrets kibble?   Salmonella is a genus of gram-negative bacteria that infects the
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Petco 50% Off Ferrets Sale

It’s that time of the year that ferret lovers cringe. Petco is having their 50% off all ferrets sale, this weekend, September 7th and 8th, 2014. Treating ferrets – living, sentient beings capable of feeling love and feeling pain – like a commodity sickens and distresses me. It’s the time of year ferret shelters and rescues nation-wide brace themselves. Many
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Announcing a New Shelter Referral Partnership Program!

I’m pleased to formally announce the launch of a new partnership program between Mustelamania and hard-working, dedicated ferret shelters across the United States. In this program, I strive to help educate adopters of older, ill, or otherwise special-needs ferrets, as well as adopters of young and vibrant ferrets, on the benefits of feeding raw, and how even those older and
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Update on Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw

As some of you are aware, Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw pet foods recently went through a fairly substantial line change. Among these were the furthering of the differentiation between the “canine” formulas, and the “feline” formulas, as well as a bit of a change up in the non-meat ingredients. Let me explain some of the changes, and what to be
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